Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ... ! :)

oh yes. few months ago, i hurt someone that really care about me, every seconds he tried to accompany me, treated me well, grant all my needs - i just cant stop remember all those activities that we shared together, yes! the one that i loved the most is mid-night lepaking at - if i am not mistaken, Jambatan Seri Warisan, Putrajaya. actually, he knows that i really like night and lights, two complete combination. i cant stop saying 'thanks awak' repeatedly. i am simple person, i do love something natural, just night and lights can make me very happy
it is normal if
'one man's meat is another man's poison'
- Something that one person likes may be distasteful to someone else.
due to
because of small issue and family constraints - what i want is not what they want, i decided to stay away from him. as for me, it was an easy way to settle our problem and of course, in order to satisfy others. :) 
yeah. i thought that i can cope with the situation. but naaah !

aha !
and nowww, i am struggling to control my emotion as good as possible and i am trying to be a positive thinker so that, i can focus on my study and focus on sejadah too. inshaallah.

sometimes there is hikmah in every hari-hari susah
hikmah : be friends with ALLAH
hari-hari susah : remembering YOU

p/s: tu as de la chance !

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